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Attendance Planner

Easy to use employee scheduling program
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Thomas Jaeger
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3 December 2009

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Easy to use employee scheduling program.

Features: The attendance planner lets you plan presence and other details about employees. The planner can clearly indicate if an employee is going to be on holidays, planning to travel or any number of other status situations that you want to keep track of. The interface is like a spreadsheet. The status of personnel can be displayed against dates. Each kind of status is color coded. These buttons are displayed at the bottom so that you can simply click and use it. Number and appearance of the buttons for the `reasons for presence/absence` are freely assignable.

Recurring entries are done by copy & paste. You can get a complete overview of vacation entitlements, how many used, planned and unplanned days etc. You can designate date on the calendar as working days or holidays freely. The program can be used into the future indefinitely. As at the beginning of a new year it is automatically extended into a full year. The data that you have already entered remains in the data storage. You can add comments to every entry, if you like, on the calendar.

Overall: It is a nice program. But maintaining it for a sizeable number of people could become quite a burden. What would be really useful is that these updates are done by individuals and the administrative head has the power to approve or not.

Publisher's description

Plan the presence and absence of your staff quickly and easily.
Number and appearance of the buttons for the 'reasons for presence/ absence' are freely assignable.
Comments for all entries are possible.
Recurring entries by copy and paste.
Vacation overview with display of vacation entitlements, used, planned and unplanned days.
Holidays and non-business days can be determined freely.
Program is useable for all years in the future by automatically switching a year onward at the beginning of a new year.
Attendance Planner
Attendance Planner
Version 1.7
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